HIIB® Coaching Course

Become a certified HIIB® Coach. The original HIIT boxing training system.

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Welcome to the HIIB® Coaching Course

HIIB® is High Intensity Interval Boxing - the original HIIT boxing class, since 2015.

An extremely challenging, full body work-out, whatever your level of fitness or boxing experience, HIIB® is all the benefits of HIIT, in a thrilling boxing-style format that leaves you exhausted, exhilarated and with the skills of a boxer to boot, all within 30 minutes.

Pushed the distance by skilled HIIB® Coaches as if ‘working your corner’, HIIB® is the most fun and effective way to;


HIIB® can be experienced with equipment (such as pads or bags), or with nothing at all. And, it doesn’t matter where you or your HIIB® Coach are; in a class at a club or at the park!

HIIB® Coaching Certification

Created by Matt Garcia, England Boxing ‘Champion’s Coach’ and founder of BoxingYoga, since 2015 the only way to experience HIIB® in person was at Total Boxer®, his multi award-winning boxing club in London.

Brand new for 2022, we are delighted to announce the highly anticipated online HIIB® Coaching course has finally arrived!

We are thrilled that class instructors, personal trainers, boxing coaches, or anyone with an interest in HIIT or boxing fitness training, can study to become certified HIIB® Coaches and experience the fun of delivering HIIB®

The online HIIB® Coaching Course means anyone can learn how to teach this incredibly popular and effective training method, anywhere in the world.

Features and benefits of the course, include:

No formal qualifications or coaching experience required

Comprehensive program - all training materials provided

Lifetime access to all training materials

No travel time - fully online course, on any device

Self-paced study - take as long as you need

One-to-one tuition available online or at private London studio

Lifetime support from HIIB® HQ and worldwide coaching community

Free video assessment to achieve certification

Certificate on completion

Professionally recognised qualification

Invitation to join the HIIB® Coaches Association once certified

Total Boxer® Boxing Basics Online Course included

Total Boxer® OnDemand Subscription included

Easy on the finances - payment plan available

Worldwide Community Support

Once enrolled all students are invited to join HIIB® Worldwide, the private group on Facebook for HIIB® Coaches and course enrolees from around the world. It's a brilliant way to meet the coaching community, share experiences and get support throughout the course and beyond.

Online Boxing Basics Course - Included FREE!

As HIIB® is the original HIIT boxing class, it’s important that HIIB® Coaches understand at least the basics of boxing. That is why we are proud to offer the Total Boxer® Boxing Basics Course FREE to all HIIB® Coaching Course students.

If you're a complete beginner to boxing, or need a reminder of the essentials, the Total Boxer® Boxing Basics Course is ideal.

With techniques Matt has used to guide 1000s of boxing beginners and fitness enthusiasts for more than 20 years, the Total Boxer® Boxing Basics Course is endorsed by the National Governing Body for Group Exercise, fully online and includes a certificate on completion.

We are delighted to be able to offer the Total Boxer® Boxing Basics Course FREE to all HIIB® Coaching Course students.

Endorsed Course

Regarded as the industry gold standard of HIIT boxing training and endorsed by EMD UK - the National Governing Body for Group Exercise - as a HIIB® Certified Coach you rank as one of the best HIIT boxing coaches in the world, qualified to deliver this incredibly popular and effective training program, safely and effectively.

Course Curriculum

  Boxing Training: Evolution
Available in days
days after you enroll
  HIIB® Class Review #1
Available in days
days after you enroll

Your Instructor

Matt Garcia
Matt Garcia
In 2011, England Boxing coach Matt Garcia followed his dream; to create a boxing club 'for everyone', where anyone could come and experience the mental and physical benefits of real boxing training in a supportive, non-contact, non-threatening environment.

Matt conceived and developed now world-famous training systems, including BoxingYoga™ and HIIB®, which saw him receive the prestigious MINDBODY Visionary Award and Vogue announcing Total Boxer® as ‘one of London’s elite clubs’.

In 2017, the Total Boxer® Amateur Boxing Club competitive division was established and, in less than 2 years, Matt was recognised as an ‘England Boxing Champion’s Coach’ following the club’s win at the National Development Championship Finals.

A proud supporter of local business and charity, Total Boxer were voted Best Boxing Club in North London and in 2019 received the People's Choice Award from children’s charity, My AFK.

With demand from instructors and fitness enthusiasts around the world for coaching certifications in his training systems, in 2019 Matt created the Total Boxer® Academy; an online educational hub with endorsed programs, including Total Boxer® Boxing Basics, BoxingYoga™ and HIIB®.

By 2022 the Academy has proudly certified coaches in more than 25 countries world-wide.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
It's completely up to you! The HIIB® Coaching Course starts and ends whenever you are ready. It is a completely self-paced online course, so you decide when you start and when you finish. There's no rush or pressure from us.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling you have unlimited access to the course for as long as you like, including all the useful content and reference materials - across any and all devices you own.
Can HIIB® be used as part of a personal training session?
Absolutely! HIIB® is a highly enjoyable and effective format for both the coach and the client, whether delivered as a class or one-to-one.
Do I need any qualifications or boxing experience to take this course?
You don't need any formal qualifications or boxing experience to take the HIIB® Coaching Course as comprehensive content is included. We have even added the Total Boxer® Boxing Basics Online Course completely FREE of charge so you can learn or brush up on the boxing essentials.
Is the course endorsed by a reputable organisation?
Yes indeed. The HIIB® Coaching course is fully endorsed by EMD UK - the National Governing Body for Group Exercise.
I am in the USA, can I access the HIIB® Coaching course?
Yes you can. The HIIB® Coaching Course is fully online, so you can access the course anywhere in the world.
Is support available during the course?
Full support is available throughout the course, and beyond! We are always available to answer any questions you have here at HIIB® HQ. Simply say [email protected] Also, once enrolled you are invited to join HIIB® Worldwide, the private group on Facebook for HIIB® Coaches and course students from around the world. It's a brilliant way to introduce yourself to the community and get support throughout your training and beyond.
Are there any exams to take or assessments I need to complete?
There are no formal exams, although throughout the course you will take Knowledge Tests to make sure you have understood what you have been studying. At the end of the course, whenever you are ready, there are two assessment tasks to complete, including creating a HIIB® class plan and submitting a video demonstrating your ability to deliver HIIB® safely and effectively. The instructions are clearly identified in the course and full training materials are provided to help you.
When I am a certified HIIB® Coach can you help me promote me or my HIIB® sessions?
Yes we can! Once qualified, we will announce your accomplishment on official HIIB® social media, which you are can share. Certified HIIB® Coaches are also exclusively invited to join the HIIB® Coaches Association. One of the many benefits of becoming a member of the Association is ongoing help with marketing and promotion across all the HIIB® social media channels.
Do I need to pay any ongoing licence fees to maintain my HIIB® certification?
No, we do not require you to pay any ongoing license fees to maintain your HIIB® certification.
If I enrol can I get access to Total Boxer® OnDemand?
Yes you can! As a student of the HIIB® Coaching Course you get access to all the awesome videos and tutorials in Total Boxer® OnDemand completely free of charge.
Do I need equipment to participate or coach HIIB®?
HIIB® can be experienced with or without equipment. There's no denying that hitting a bag or pads is fun and effective, but if you don't have access to these, or an injury prevents you from doing so, HIIB® is still a brilliant work-out. Light hand-weights or even nothing at all still makes HIIB® an extremely challenging training method.
Do I need to be in a gym or boxing club to participate or coach HIIB®?
No you don't. As HIIB® doesn't require equipment you can train or coach anywhere you have permission to be!
Do you offer a payment plan for the HIIB® Coaching Course?
Yes we do! Hit the Enrol button for your payment options.
Do venues need to pay license fees for me to deliver HIIB®?
No. Certified HIIB® Coaches can deliver HIIB® at any venue, without any additional licenses or fees required from the gym or club.
Can I use the HIIB® name and logo when I qualify?
Yes you can. Certified HIIB® Coaches are granted license to use the internationally trademarked HIIB® name and logo in marketing materials, including your website.

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